Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most asked questions:

Can I trial the gym before signing up?

Of course! We offer a Free Trial for any new members.

We recommend if you’re newer to boxing join in on one of our ‘Technique’ sessions – if you’ve had some practice jump into a BoxFit or BoxCon class!

I have no boxing/kick boxing experience, are your classes for me?

All classes cater for all levels of experience from the pro’s to beginners. So it doesn’t matter if you have been boxing for years or it’s your first time. We will make you feel welcome and show you the ropes!

I'm not very fit at the moment, will I be able to do your classes?

All our classes are open to all levels of fitness. They are hard and intense workouts but come along and do the best you can, take breaks when needed and make sure you bring a water bottle! After a few regular classes trust us you’ll be fit in no time!

Is there parking availabe?

Yes there is free parking at the front of the gym and plenty of street parking.

Do I need my own boxing gear for the classes?

Gloves and wraps are used for BoxFit, BoxCon and Beginner Boxing classes. We have gloves you can borrow, but we recommend wearing your own gear for hygiene reasons.
If you are sparring you will need your own protective gear.

Don’t forget your towel and water bottle.

Where can I get some good boxing gear?

We have a great selection of gear including wraps, gloves, skipping ropes and protective sparring gear. These can be purchased at reception or through our online boxing shop.

Sign up for our Foundation Membership to get your FREE pair of wraps!

I've always wanted to have a fight but have little/no experience, how can I make this happen?

Nothing motivates you to train harder than knowing in a few months you will be stepping in the ring! If you’ve always wanted to challenge yourself we would love to help you get to your goal! The best thing to do is sign up on a membership and let us know your interested in fighting. Come to as many of the classes as you can to get your fitness up. When you’re ready, the trainers will set up you for some sparring practice in preparation for your first fight!

Can I use the gym and equipment for my own training?

If you sign up for a memebership, all members are welcome to use the gym whenever they like within opening hours. We have all the boxing equipment, a weight training area, cardio equipment, and heaps of floor space. If you can’t make a class there is no excuse not to get in and get a workout done!

Our general access schedule:

Monday to Friday: 5AM – 5:30PM
Saturday: 7AM – 11AM

What kind of facilities do you have available at the gym for me to use?
  • Olympic Size Boxing Ring (6m x 6m),
  • Assorted Punching Bags,
  • Teardrop Punching Bag,
  • Floor To Ceiling Balls,
  • Speed Balls,
  • Ample floor space for Pad Work,
  • RPM Bikes,
  • Rowers & Skipping Ropes,
  • Free Weights,
  • Weight Machines,
  • Squat racks,
  • Junkyard Equipment (Tyres, Kegs, Prowlers etc),
  • Ceiling Rope Climb,
  • Bathrooms, Showers and Locker Rooms.

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